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When was the last time you saw something you’d never seen before?

It probably wasn’t a unique subject, or even a unique background: every commercial has a beautiful face and a mountain range these days. It wasn’t the angle, or the light, or the composition. In fact, it may not have been about the image at all.

It was an idea.

It was a way of looking at the world you hadn’t even considered before, looking at new angles and daring to do things differently. It was that feeling you get when you walk past your house from the other side of the street: familiar, yet utterly different. And when you see it for the first time, you can only stop and incorporate it into your worldview. It becomes part of you. And you never forget it.

Streeter Lecka built his career bringing creativity to the chaos of competition – having captured unforgettable moments in five different Olympics, other global sporting events and beyond. And while each moment may have been different, the ideas he captures are universal. Now, with his own studio, he finds beauty and curiosity in a wide range of subjects – just never in the way you expected.

Anybody can get an image, but capturing an idea? That’s something you’ll have forever.

I’m Streeter. I shoot ideas.


Streeter Portrait.jpg
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